8-ball - there are 15 balls in the pyramid, 7 stripes, 7 single colors and 1 black one. The goal of the game is to sink the balls chosen by yourself or the opposing player, and lastly the black.

In this game, you need to name the ball you are going to hit, that is, if a random ball is played, it will be the opponents turn. Obvious strikes are not required to be named every time, but in the case of more difficult strikes, the opponent must be informed.

The balls are placed on the table so that the center is one black and the two lower balls of the pyramid are different, one striped and the other one is colored.

In the event of a false break, the white ball is put behind the white line at the top of the table and can be moved along the line as desired.

After the break, the table is always open, no matter which balls have been sunk, it is still possible to choose a more suitable group of balls.

When playing, be aware that after the shot and the contact of the balls, one of the balls must always go against the edge of the table or the hole, otherwise the opposing player will get a handball.

Handball - followed by a mistake, the player places the white ball in the desired position and strikes.

A player loses the game if he makes a mistake while trying to sink the eight or black ball, as well as when the black ball flies off the table or it is cast into the wrong hole.

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