9 Ball - "Nine Ball" is played with a cue ball (white) and the balls numbered 1-9. With each hit the cue ball must first touch the ball with the smallest number. Whoever sinks the ninth ball first, wins the game.

At the beginning of the game, the balls are placed in a diamond shape so that the first ball is at the center of the lower end of the table, nine in the middle and the remaining balls in any order. To start the game, the cue ball can be struck from any position from behind the white line.

The player who strikes right after the break can call ,,push-out´´ to move the cue ball to the right position. During the push-out, the cue ball does not have to hit the edge of the table nor does it have to hit a ball but all the remaining rules concerning mistakes still apply. The player must make call out before making a push-out, otherwise it will be considered a normal strike. The balls that were sunk during the push-out do not count, but remain in the hole (except in the 9th ball, which is placed back on the table). After a false break, you can not push-out.

In the event of a mistake, the opposing player has a handball, which means he can place the cue ball in any suitable place on the table, and after the strike atleast one of the balls must be sunk or touch the edge of the table .

If a player makes three consecutive mistakes during a single match, being unable to make any correct strikes in between, he will lose the game. The opponent must warn the player with two consecutive mistakes before the third shot. If before the third error the player is not warned and he makes a mistake, it will not be considered a third error, it is however still considered that the player has two errors.

The player, who sinks the 9th ball, wins.

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