Snooker is played on an English billiard table. It can be played with two or more players. The idea of ​​the game is to sink the balls and collect as many points as possible. Points are received from sinking the balls in the correct order and also from the opponents mistakes. The winner is a player or team that collects more points. All players use the same white cue ball. The game has 21 target balls, with the score as follows:

Red 1 point
Yellow 2 points
Green 3 points
Brown 4 points
Blue 5 points
Pink 6 points
Black 7 points

-Red and colored balls are sunk ​​into the holes in an alternating order (red - other color-red or other color, etc.) until red balls run out. After that, the balls are sunk starting from the yellow to the black.

1. The right to start the game is obtained through a lottery.
2. The starting player breaks with a handball in D-area.
3. The cue ball must first touch the target ball and the cue ball can not be sunk; - a red ball can only strike another red to sink it.
4. A ball other than the target can not roll into the hole (red balls can only touch reds).
5. The first target ball of every round is red, until all the red balls are sunk into the holes; - With a single shot, several red balls can be sunk, in which case one point will be scored for each ball sunk.
6. When the red ball goes into the hole, the next target ball is colored; - for a colored ball, the player will receive the corresponding points and the ball will be returned to its original place on the table and the player who sunk it, will continue; - Colored balls can only be sunk individually (except for a free ball).
7. The red and colored balls are sunk ​​into the holes alternately until all the red balls have been sunk.
8. If a player fails to sink the ball, the next player continues from the place where the cue ball is.
9.The next colored ball sunk after sinking the last red ball is also put back on the table and then all the colored balls can be sunk
in the order of point value, i.e. from yellow to black.
10. If there is only the black ball remaining, the game ends with the first player who sinks it or if the player makes a mistake; - In the event of a draw, the black ball is put back to its original position and the players decide on a new striking order; - the first player starts with a handball in the D area, and a mistake or a sunk ball ends the game.


*STRIKE - A strike is considered to have been completed if the player hits the ball with the cue.

*HANDBALL - A handball is a cue ball if the ball is sunk or hit off the table; - the handball has to be shot correctly from the D-field or if the player has made a mistake.

*BALL OFF THE TABLE - The ball is off the table when it stops outside the playing field or the hole - the colored balls are placed to their original places and the red balls into the holes.

*SNOOKER - the cue ball is in a snooker, if the desired target ball is blocked by a ball or balls that are not target balls (the ball's diameter on both sides is not free); - if there is more than one obstacle to the ball, the ball that causes the snooker is the closest to the target ball; - if there is even one ball on the table that is not obstructed as described above, then there is no snooker. NB! - A red ball does not make a snooker for another red ball.

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